Chausson Configurable low profiles: WELCOME - Configure your low profile on Fiat or Ford..

Ready-to-roll or made-to-measure, Welcome offers you freedom of choice: choice of carrier and cab color, choice of lounge, choice of bedding and even choice of equipment level…

get off to a head-start on travel with your motorhome!

  + Configurable low profiles

  • +Choice of FIAT or FORD carrier
  • +Exclusive MALAGA furnishings
  • +VIP or PREMIUM, the choice is yours!
  • +IRP technology
  • +Seven-year watertightness warranty

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Chausson Configurable low profiles strengths

  • Seitz windows
  • Polyester reinforced roof 54mm
  • Styrofoam insulation
  • Factory fitted cross-bar for bike-rack
  • Polyester coachwork
  • Wide track rear axle
  • Special motorhome chassis
  • Opening cab panoramic skyroof
  • Floor, 63 mm thick
  • 2nd garage/locker access on left side
  • Hideaway Bed (option)
  • TV preparation
  • Interior lighting 100% L.E.D spotlights
  • USB socket X2
  • Kitchen drawers with self closing and soundless system
  • Seitz windows
  • On the road heating
  • Atmosphere leds lighting on floor
  • telescopic table leg
  • Multidirectional Swivel Table
  • XL Bed 160 cm-Twin bed 90cm-except 757

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